A simple recursive descent JSON parser
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This program is a simple recursive descent parser for the JSON data

Currently it does not support unicode characters (as it should) and
some of the control characters for strings are not yet
implemented. Other than that it is fairly complete.

There are two main modules the parser itself defined in JSONParser.h
and JSONParser.cpp as well as a representation for JSON objects
defined in JSON.h and JSON.cpp. Currently the JSON objects are in the
simplest possible form I could make them work. For instance the JSON
members are not implemented as a map, although it makes a lot of sense
to do so, but as a linked list. Probably the next thing that will
happen will be this change. I should also mention that simple values
(strings, numbers, literals) are all represented by strings.

For more information about JSON take a look at: http://www.json.org


The source directory includes a CMakeLists.txt. I'm not using any
fancy CMake commands so any recent version of CMake should be able to
process it. In order to compile do the following:

$ cd <source directory>
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make

If the variable CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is set to "Debug" this sequence of
commands will produce a static library (libjson_parser.a) as well as
an example program (json_parser_example) that takes one JSON file as
argument and pretty prints the JSON data in it, with debug symbols (at
least for gcc). If not then it will produce a shared library and it
will be optimized.

In order to compile it you just need a recent C++ compiler. The code
does not use any fancy C++ features, so any compiler conforming to the
1998 ISO C++ standard should be ok.

Have fun.

For any comments/bug reports send an email at