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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 27, 2023. It is now read-only.

Releases: latter-bolden/port

v1.10.0 - Support for Urbit 1.13 binary

08 Dec 16:50
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This updates the urbit binary to 1.13 so you can receive the base update for kelvin 417

v1.9.1 — Patch release, automated error recovery

05 Aug 01:39
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This release is primarily focused increased stability and resolving bugs that were reported since the last release.

  • Resolve blank screen on launch problem
  • Reduce exposure to "Object has been destroyed" popup
    • We fixed the most common culprits of this error, but please report if you're still experiencing it
  • Fix Flatpak dependencies and correctly set app icon
  • Support for automatically recovering from failed boot via meld
  • Support for pruning old logs to avoid storage bloat

v1.9.0 — Urbit 1.9, Boot overhaul, New Release Targets, and Security/Bug Fixes

02 Jun 13:13
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This release includes a combination of new features and stability/security fixes:

  • Runs urbit 1.9 for compatibility with new arvo
  • Increased safety on initial boot and support for recovering if interrupted
  • Better interface support for boot errors and duplicate key file prevention
  • Option for running (or not running) ships in the background across all platforms
  • Option for displaying ship name in window frames
  • Option for configuring ames, HTTP, and HTTPS ports
  • Electron upgraded and security vulnerabilities removed
  • Support for running multiple ships on Windows
  • Release builds for Apple silicon (M1) and Flatpak

v1.8.0 - Improved Windows Experience and Protocol Handling

25 Feb 22:37
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This release features three main changes:

  • Improved web+urbitgraph protocol handling, Port will now detect and intercept protocol links correctly across all operating systems, if you wish to opt out of this behavior you can turn it off in settings
  • Due to a bug in the runtime, Windows currently can't run more than one urbit at a time, this fix prevents you from starting multiple urbits
  • Fixed a memory leak in windows causing memory to grow indefinitely

v1.7.1 - Fixing Windows Urbit Path

24 Dec 01:43
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This releases fixes an issue with the path to the urbit binary preventing boots.

v1.7.0 - Better Boot Handling

23 Dec 06:48
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This implements a few improvements and bug fixes:

  • better boot detection and also added boot timeouts so people aren't left waiting hours #143 #146 #152 #153 #156
  • automatically login so users don't have to copy their code
  • partition storage/cookies/etc by ship name so storage isn't constantly cleared #112
  • fixes leap bug stealing key shortcut when nothing in view to open leap #147
  • uses better start menu name

v1.6.0 - Urbit 1.8 Support

27 Nov 00:24
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This release updates the urbit binary to 1.8 and also a small bug erroneously allowing remote ships to try and start in terminal.

v1.5.0 - Terminal Support and Urbit 1.7

08 Nov 16:15
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This release adds the ability to start your Urbit from the terminal in case of issues that prevent you from opening the web interface. It also adds the ability to the change the local names of your ships and upgrades the Urbit binary to 1.7.

v1.5.0 - Terminal Support Pre-release

28 Oct 04:37
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This adds the ability to spawn a ship with a terminal mostly for troubleshooting purposes. Currently still in testing use with caution.

v1.4.0 - Windows Support

06 Oct 17:10
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With this release comes the long awaited native Windows support! This release is still not code signed so you will have to click through a prompt warning you about running it. If you simply click more info -> run anyway it will run.