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Xpp is a ROS package for the visualization of motion-plans for legged robots. It draws support areas, contact forces and motion trajectories in RVIZ and displays URDFs for specific robots, including a one-legged, a two-legged hopper and HyQ. More example motions can be seen in this video, generated by the library towr.


The recommended way to install is through the ROS binaries:

sudo apt-get install ros-<ros-distro>-xpp

Build from source

In case you don't want to install from the ROS binaries, this package requires Eigen and ROS:

sudo apt-get install ros-<ros-distro>-desktop-full
sudo apt-get install libeigen3-dev

Then you can build the package in your catkin workspace

cd catkin_workspace/src
git clone
cd ..
source ./devel/setup.bash

Unit Tests

Make sure everything installed correctly by running the unit tests through

catkin_make run_tests

or if you are using catkin tools.

catkin build xpp_vis --no-deps --verbose --catkin-make-args run_tests


A few examples for different robots are provided in the xpp_examples package, e.g. xpp_examples/src/ For starters, run

roslaunch xpp_examples hyq_bag.launch  // or any other launch file in this package

Add your own Robot

Want to visualize your own robot, then checkout these instructions and we're happy to receive your pull-request. See here the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Alexander W. Winkler - Initial Work/Maintainer

The work was carried out at the following institutions:



If you use this work in an academic context, please cite as follows:

  author = {Alexander W. Winkler},
  title  = {{Xpp - A collection of ROS packages for the visualization of legged robots}},
  year   = {2017},
  doi    = {10.5281/zenodo.1037901},
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Bugs & Feature Requests

Please report bugs, request features or ask questions using the Issue Tracker.