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foolip commented Nov 20, 2018

System information

  • node version: v10.13.0
  • npm or yarn version: 6.4.1
  • OS/version/architecture: gLinux 64-bit (Google-internal, like Debian Testing)
  • Applicable nodegit version: v0.23.0 built from source has an example of how to use tree.walk(), but it doesn't mention a critical detail, which is mentioned in an example:

antonvlad commented Mar 9, 2015

Given a merge index with conflicts, when trying to save it to the current index the operation fails with a runtime error:
"the given object is already owned by another repository (RuntimeError)"

The use case here is to implement a workflow similar to git-merge. We try to perform a merge and if it fails we write the result of the merge into the current index and pass control back to the user to re

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