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Flake8 wrapper to make it nice, legacy-friendly, configurable.
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PyPI version Build Status License: MIT Documentation

It's a Flake8 wrapper to make it cool.

  • Shareable and remote configs.
  • Legacy-friendly: ability to get report only about new errors.
  • Use only specified plugins, not everything installed.
  • Manage codes per plugin.
  • Enable and disable plugins and codes by wildcard.
  • Make output beautiful.
  • pyproject.toml support.
  • Show codes for installed plugins.
  • Show all messages and codes for a plugin.
  • Check that all required plugins are installed.
  • Syntax highlighting in messages and code snippets.
  • PyLint integration.
  • Allow codes intersection for different plugins.

output example


python3 -m pip install --user flakehell


First of all, let's create pyproject.toml config:

# optionally inherit from remote config (or local if you want)
base = ""
# specify any flake8 options. For example, exclude "":
exclude = [""]
# make output nice
format = "grouped"
# 80 chars aren't enough in 21 century
max_line_length = 90
# show line of source code in output
show_source = true

# list of plugins and rules for them
# include everything in pyflakes except F401
pyflakes = ["+*", "-F401"]
# enable only codes from S100 to S199
flake8-bandit = ["-*", "+S1??"]
# enable everything that starts from `flake8-`
"flake8-*" = ["+*"]
# explicitly disable plugin
flake8-docstrings = ["-*"]

Show plugins that aren't installed yet:

flakehell missed

Show installed plugins, used plugins, specified rules, codes prefixes:

flakehell plugins

plugins command output

Show codes and messages for a specific plugin:

flakehell codes pyflakes

codes command output

Run flake8 against the code:

flakehell lint

This command accepts all the same arguments as Flake8.

Read for more information.

The FlakeHell mascot (Flaky) is created by @diana_leit and licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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