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Originally forked from Mathias Bynens's great dotfiles repo.

  • For OS X
  • Most files are rsync'd to your home directory
  • install/* contain scripted install procedures for common software


$ ./ --help

Your friendly dotfiles bootstraper bot  ~(0_0)~ [options]

Options and arguments:

  -h, --help          Display this help text
  -d, --dry-run       Perform a dry run of the sync step
  -f, --force         Force overwrite files in target directory
  -l, --local         Use local repo only and do not update from git
  -s, --no-install    Sync only and doesn't run the install scripts

  --target            Use this location instead of $HOME (/Users/lirsacc), must be a directory
  --install           Look for install scripts there instead of /Users/lirsacc/projects/dotfiles/install
  --branch            Git branch to update from

Known gotchas

  • This installs rustup to manage Rust toolchain in development but it doesn't play along well with brew recipes that
  • While many files bash scripts are bash compatible and I try to keep the shebang accurate I use zsh day to day and may not test too thoroughly on bash
  • At some point the .functions file will be split up into single files either in bin or .zfuncs
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