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CDMI-Proxy provides CDMI-compliant proxy server to public cloud backends.

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CDMI-Proxy is an implementation of a CDMI-compatible (v 1.0.1) server that can be used to store data both using local infrastructure and public cloud services. Multiplatform.

Read more documentation or proceed to the short setup guide below.

Currently supported CDMI objects are:

  • Blobs
  • Multi-level containers (also for single-level backends, e.g. AWS or Azure)

Currently supported backends:

  • Local disk
  • AWS S3
  • Azure Blob


Get the code

  • git clone git://

Get dependencies

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • install CouchDB (at least version 1)


Run By default, ports 2365 (plain) and 8080 (tls) will be listening for CDMI calls.

Build documentation

  • pip install Sphinx

Add backends

There are several backends available at the moment. If you are planning to use them, you also need to get the corresponding libraries (and put them on the PYTHONPATH or into libsrc folder):


The terms of use of the software are governed by the Apache 2 license.

CDMI Clients

(c) Ilja Livenson

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