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Candle - A Birthday Reminder App

I'm terrible at remembering my friends' birthdays so I built Candle to help me rememeber. It allows the user to add their friend's birthday and gives reminders about who has a birthday this month. I hope to eventaully encorporate push notifications and automated emails to make the platform more user-friendly when it's deployed.

This was a four-day-long project built with a React JS frontend and a Ruby on Rails backend.

I created this project to learn React JS and work on my Sass styling. This was also my first project that dealt with time: the app is built to calculate and store date-of-birth from user data and recalculate age on the front-end so the current age is always displayed correctly. The biggest challenge I overcame from this project was implementing Auth and React private routes to protect and display user-specific information.

How the app works

  • To run the app, first fork and clone down this repo to your local device.

  • Note you will also need to clone down the backend repo at

  • Once you have the backend server running (run rails s), you can go into the frontend repo you cloned down, and in another terminal tab type npm install and then npm start. This will prompt the application to start.

  • From there you can navigate through the website seen in the video above

    • You can login or signup

    • Add birthdays as a user

    • See all birthday's you've added and if any birthdays are happening this month

    • Delete birthday from the list

    • Logout


  • React JS
  • Sass
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Add customizable notifications. (example: The app allows a user to send a combination of reminders 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day before their friend's birthday)


  • Lydia Gregory


A Full-Stack Birthday Reminder App built in React JS and Ruby on Rails






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