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Vue Testing Handbook

Welcome to the Vue Testing Handbook!

What is this?

This is a collection of short, focused examples on how to test Vue components. It uses vue-test-utils, the official library for testing Vue components, and Jest, a modern testing framework. It covers the vue-test-utils API, as well as best practices and useful parts of the Jest API for testing Vue components. A working demo project with the examples is also included, which you can pull down and run yourself.


The handbook is written in English, but there are a number of translations. I prefer not to merge translations until the entire document is completed.

If you like an article, feel free to translate it and post it on your own blog. If you can leave a link to the original, that'd be great, too! Let's spread the good word of Vue.js component testing.



Vuepress is used to generate the static website. Articles are written in markdown.

Clone the repo and run yarn to install the dependencies. Then run yarn dev to open the dev server. Access it on localhost:8080.

To edit a guide, update the code in the src directory. The markdown files are converted to HTML when deployed – no need to edit those.