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add vendor directory to .gitignore #414

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Daniel Fahlke Max Yekaterynenko Cyrill Schumacher Sergey Verklov, Senior Product Manager
Daniel Fahlke

never ever put your vendor directory into your vcs

Daniel Fahlke Flyingmana add vendor directory to .gitignore
# never ever put your vendor directory into your vcs
Max Yekaterynenko

@Flyingmana why do i need to put the directory in gitignore? if i don't use folder name "vendor"? :)

Daniel Fahlke

because magento starts to use composer and in future sure will use it to install libraries and so on.

composer puts all this libraries and so on inside the vendor directory. So if you use Composer, you will need to ignore the directory composer uses.

(thats configurable, vendor is only the default used one)

Is this enough as an answer?

Max Yekaterynenko

@Flyingmana, it is enough as an answer, does it make more sense to add it into .gitignore after officially Composer will be introduced within magento packages?

Daniel Fahlke

we have already an composer.json so now is a good time for adding also the vendor directory to .gitignore

Cyrill Schumacher

This Magento2 composer.json should not be treated as the root project and therefore you have to avoid putting vendor into this .gitignore.

Create your own root composer.json/repository and add there vendor to your gitignore and make Magento2 as a required module. That setup makes it also easy to update Magento2 to different versions.

Daniel Fahlke

I see, but commonly the unit-tests should work outside the context of a project.
So as long as there are unit-tests which should run standalone inside this project, you will need to load the required libraries (currently zero, but they will increase with rework the /lib directory)
So in the end, you will still have situations, where you need to ignore vendor.

Sergey Verklov, Senior Product Manager

@Flyingmana , thank you for reporting this issue! We are considering using Composer in Magento 2. Please watch the most fresh code we are deploying each Friday to the GitHub for updates.

Sergey Verklov, Senior Product Manager

The team processed this pull request and added vendor directory to .gitignore. We are closing this ticket now. Thanks again for your contribution!

Sergey Verklov, Senior Product Manager verklov closed this
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Commits on Nov 15, 2013
  1. Daniel Fahlke

    add vendor directory to .gitignore

    Flyingmana authored
    # never ever put your vendor directory into your vcs
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