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JSONResume Export

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JSONResume Export


JSONResume Export

Simple GitHub Action to export your JSONResume


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.


- name: JSONResume Export

uses: kelvintaywl/action-jsonresume-export@v1

Learn more about this action in kelvintaywl/action-jsonresume-export

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GitHub Action for exporting JSONResume

This action exports your resume in JSONResume to HTML.

This can be combined with other actions to publish your resume as a Github page.



Name Description Default
theme JSONResume theme name. See flat
resume_filepath file path to your resume in JSONResume format resume.json
output_filepath output file path index.html

Example Workflows

To publish your resume as a Github page

This example assumes you have a resume.json at the root directory of your repository.

In addition, this assumes you have set up your GitHub pages on this repository to reference the docs/ folder as your source.

# example GitHub workflow

name: Publish resume in JSONResume format as Github Page
    branches: [ master ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    if: "! contains(github.event.head_commit.message, '[ci skip]')"
      - run: echo "${{ github.event.head_commit.message }}"

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    needs: check_run
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: kelvintaywl/action-jsonresume-export@v1
        name: Export resume as HTML
          theme: macchiato
          resume_filepath: resume.json
          # modifies the index.html in-place
          output_filepath: docs/index.html
      - name: Commit published HTML
        id: commit
        run: |
          git config --local ""
          git config --local "GitHub Action"
          if [ -n "$(git status --porcelain docs/index.html)" ]; then
            git add docs/index.html
            git commit -m "[ci skip] chore(docs/index.html): update resume page"
            echo ::set-output name=exit_code::0
            echo ::set-output name=exit_code::1
      - name: Push changes
        uses: ad-m/github-push-action@master
        if: steps.commit.outputs.exit_code == 0
          github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          branch: ${{ github.ref }}


Good question indeed!

In fact, you may already noticed JSONResume provides a hassle-free hosting service to export and collate your resume already.

However, I made this action because:

  1. Using a specific theme that is not supported requires the JSONResume team to add the theme as dependency to their solutions; I wanted to keep the export dependency lean with just the theme I need for my case.

  2. This solution allow me to centrally keep a resume in both the JSON format as well as publishing it in HTML as a GitHub page easily.

  3. I wanted to learn more about creating and writing Github Actions 🤖