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Advanced static analysis for automatically finding runtime errors in JavaScript code

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Supported languages

JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, and JSX

Tired of the troubles with JavaScript? DeepScan can help you.

DeepScan is an advanced static analysis tool engineered to support JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Vue.js.

You can use DeepScan to find possible runtime errors and quality issues instead of coding conventions. Integrate with your GitHub repositories to get quality insight into your web project.

Better Understand Your JavaScript

DeepScan supports data-flow analysis understanding the execution flow of your program. With lower false alarm rates, you can find possible runtime errors and code issues without running it.

Always Know The Quality Status of Your Team

Once you configure your team and GitHub repository, DeepScan continuously analyzes your projects as commits are pushed. You can always get to know an overall picture of your team's quality status.

Track Issues Over Time

Issues are automatically merged even if code changes, so you can track the code issues over time.

Maintain Your Grade

You can get a simple grade which indicates relative goodness of your project with open source projects.

Better Understand Your JavaScript

Pricing and setup

Free for open source projects


5 private projects and team dashboard

$19 seat/ month


5 private projects and team dashboard

$19/ month
per seat

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