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Mergify is a pull request automation service, triggering actions when a pull request matches defined criteria. 🤖

For example, in a few lines of YAML, you can write a rule that automatically merges a pull request if:

  • [X] it has been approved
  • [X] the test suite passes

Take a look at our examples.

Mergify executes actions for you, freeing you from the burden of managing your pull requests. 🦾

🚥 Merge

Mergify works by applying rules on your pull requests. You can for example, automatically merge a pull request with:

  - name: automatic merge when CI passes and 2 reviews
      - "#approved-reviews-by>=2"
      - status-success=Travis CI - Pull Request
      - label!=work-in-progress
        method: merge
        priority: high

Mergify will press the merge button for you automatically.
Mergify also offers a merge queue where you can set priorities.

🤖 Automation

Mergify also provides tons of actions, such as:

  • Adding/removing labels
  • Requesting reviews
  • Reviewing
  • Posting comments
  • Rebasing
  • Closing
  • Copying to another branch
  • Deleting a branch

All of those can be used to automate completely your GitHub workflow.

Define your rules

Pricing and setup

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All of our advanced features and private repositories support.

  • All Essential Plan features
  • Multiple / Priority Queues
  • Custom Checks
  • Dedicated CSM
$18 per user
/ month
$192 per user
/ year

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Mergify is provided by a third-party and is governed by separate terms of service, privacy policy, and support contact.