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Synapse does not correctly enforce the spec's regex for client_secret #6766

anoadragon453 opened this issue Jan 22, 2020 · 0 comments


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@anoadragon453 anoadragon453 commented Jan 22, 2020

The spec states that we should enforce a regex on client_secret. Synapse currently does not do this.

As a result of this, FluffyChat has started sending client_secret parameters that do not comply with the spec: Specifically, it sends client_secret values with : in them.

#6767 is written to allow client_secret to take : values, while otherwise respecting the specification. This will allow older versions of FluffyChat to continue working while a fix in put in place and people upgrade.

Eventually we will remove : from the client_secret regex, and will use this as a tracking issue for that.

@anoadragon453 anoadragon453 self-assigned this Jan 22, 2020
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babolivier added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 12, 2020
Synapse 1.10.0 (2020-02-12)

**WARNING to client developers**: As of this release Synapse validates `client_secret` parameters in the Client-Server API as per the spec. See [\#6766](#6766) for details.

Updates to the Docker image

- Update the docker images to Alpine Linux 3.11. ([\#6897](#6897))

Synapse 1.10.0rc5 (2020-02-11)


- Fix the filtering introduced in 1.10.0rc3 to also apply to the state blocks returned by `/sync`. ([\#6884](#6884))

Synapse 1.10.0rc4 (2020-02-11)

This release candidate was built incorrectly and is superceded by 1.10.0rc5.

Synapse 1.10.0rc3 (2020-02-10)


- Filter out `` from the CS API to mitigate abuse while a better solution is specced. ([\#6878](#6878))

Internal Changes

- Fix continuous integration failures with old versions of `pip`, which were introduced by a release of the `zipp` library. ([\#6880](#6880))

Synapse 1.10.0rc2 (2020-02-06)


- Fix an issue with cross-signing where device signatures were not sent to remote servers. ([\#6844](#6844))
- Fix to the unknown remote device detection which was introduced in 1.10.rc1. ([\#6848](#6848))

Internal Changes

- Detect unexpected sender keys on remote encrypted events and resync device lists. ([\#6850](#6850))

Synapse 1.10.0rc1 (2020-01-31)


- Add experimental support for updated authorization rules for aliases events, from [MSC2260](matrix-org/matrix-doc#2260). ([\#6787](#6787), [\#6790](#6790), [\#6794](#6794))


- Warn if postgres database has a non-C locale, as that can cause issues when upgrading locales (e.g. due to upgrading OS). ([\#6734](#6734))
- Minor fixes to `PUT /_synapse/admin/v2/users` admin api. ([\#6761](#6761))
- Validate `client_secret` parameter using the regex provided by the Client-Server API, temporarily allowing `:` characters for older clients. The `:` character will be removed in a future release. ([\#6767](#6767))
- Fix persisting redaction events that have been redacted (or otherwise don't have a redacts key). ([\#6771](#6771))
- Fix outbound federation request metrics. ([\#6795](#6795))
- Fix bug where querying a remote user's device keys that weren't cached resulted in only returning a single device. ([\#6796](#6796))
- Fix race in federation sender worker that delayed sending of device updates. ([\#6799](#6799), [\#6800](#6800))
- Fix bug where Synapse didn't invalidate cache of remote users' devices when Synapse left a room. ([\#6801](#6801))
- Fix waking up other workers when remote server is detected to have come back online. ([\#6811](#6811))

Improved Documentation

- Clarify documentation related to `user_dir` and `federation_reader` workers. ([\#6775](#6775))

Internal Changes

- Record room versions in the `rooms` table. ([\#6729](#6729), [\#6788](#6788), [\#6810](#6810))
- Propagate cache invalidates from workers to other workers. ([\#6748](#6748))
- Remove some unnecessary admin handler abstraction methods. ([\#6751](#6751))
- Add some debugging for media storage providers. ([\#6757](#6757))
- Detect unknown remote devices and mark cache as stale. ([\#6776](#6776), [\#6819](#6819))
- Attempt to resync remote users' devices when detected as stale. ([\#6786](#6786))
- Delete current state from the database when server leaves a room. ([\#6792](#6792))
- When a client asks for a remote user's device keys check if the local cache for that user has been marked as potentially stale. ([\#6797](#6797))
- Add background update to clean out left rooms from current state. ([\#6802](#6802), [\#6816](#6816))
- Refactoring work in preparation for changing the event redaction algorithm. ([\#6803](#6803), [\#6805](#6805), [\#6806](#6806), [\#6807](#6807), [\#6820](#6820))
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