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Recordkeeping web application for gym students / locks / lockers
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Project GymLocker

A student / lock / locker recordkeeping system

I made this for my high school, but I believe it was dropped. The code here should be better than Project Exchange's, but I can't make any guarantees that it's good. Most of the code is hook-ins to the database anyhow. All of this project except for this file is original code from ~3 years ago except for parts where I've sensitive information was held.


I may go back and edit this, but a thorough overview is already given on my personal website here.


I used the following tools:

  • Python
  • Django
  • MySQL

Main Model

The main model goes (somewhat) like this:

  1. User does things on website
  2. Django takes requests and fires appropriate functions in DatabaseScripts folder (in Utilities folder)
  3. DatabaseScripts hooks into database and does any necessary retrieving / updating of records

Using the Code

If you want to use the code, feel free. The "gym_locker1.mwb" file contains the MySQL database schema which should have just one model inside called "gym_locker". Then you just need to install the Python packages necessary (I think just Django, though there might be more) and it should work. I've put "***" in place of any info that needs to be filled in.

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