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Road trip advisory web application
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Everything except this excerpt is original code from the 2016 spring academic semester. This project was a group project for the CS 196 class at UIUC. Notable group members are Cooper Lorsung and Andrew Holler. The application finds convenient bathroom and food stops along a path traveled over Google Maps by car. Code is purposely simplified in some places. Any code here is free to use as-is without any legal obligations.

Note: we did use GitHub for hosting this code with version control, but the original repository was deleted and I only retained my copy. Therefore, all of the development process's git history is gone.


Road Trip Advisor is gonna be dank

Yelp API Info:

Consumer Key:       	HskFxqEANFZQb6gNpLLTlA
Consumer Secret:    	fQOhbdwOoyLdryogrMzj3isRxxg
Token:              	KpVrnYMEdNnI9jvHD9cK00Tpt0uLBiPX
Token Secret:       	aAZhnQo_a-EowzF8UTFPokTQ5TM

Google API Info:


To run demo in browser:

1. Get all files necessary (duh)
2. Install dependencies:
  a. Windows
    i. Open cmd
    ii. Type "cd C:/Python27/Scripts/"
    iii. Type "pip install Flask"
    iv. Type "pip install yelp"
  b. Mac / Linux
    i. Open terminal
    ii. Type "pip install Flask"
    iii. Type "pip install yelp"
3. Run
4. Go to
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