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Building EmulationStation on Linux

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The simplest way to build EmulationStation is through RetroPie.

Assuming you have RetroPie installed:

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./

Manage Packages >> Manage Core Packages >> EmulationStation >> Install From Source

This will install the latest source code of the RetroPie fork of EmulationStation.

If there are experimental branches you want to build and test you can create a custom module in /home/pi/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/scriptmodules/supplementary/

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# This file is part of The RetroPie Project
# The RetroPie Project is the legal property of its developers, whose names are
# too numerous to list here. Please refer to the file distributed with this source.
# See the file at the top-level directory of this distribution and
# at

rp_module_desc="EmulationStation testing branch"

function depends_emulationstation-testing() {

function sources_emulationstation-testing() {
    sources_emulationstation "" "BRANCHNAME"

function build_emulationstation-testing() {

function install_emulationstation-testing() {

function configure_emulationstation-testing() {

function gui_emulationstation-testing() {

It can then be installed from the setup script:

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./retropie-setup

Manage Packages >> Manage Experimental Packages >> emulationstation-testing >> install from source

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