User the NES PowerPad on a PC, using an Arduino
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NES Powerpad Arduino

Use the NES Powerpad on Window, Mac, Linux or PS3 or any other Arduino based project you can think of!

If you make a game please share it with us @cyborgdino


Since the release of the NES Powerpad only thirteen games have ever been released for it. Now anyone can create a game for this awesome peripheral from the 80's. COWABUNGA DUDE!


This guy made this:

Cyborg Dino: Art, Design & Programming

"Also consulted a local guru in his dojo"


In addation the project contains an update to the UnoJoy scripts and installs for OSX and Linux. For windows users refer to the default UnoJoy Project.

For Mountan Lion users there is a updated "static-libusb-1.0.9-1.pkg" driver included. In addation it is advised to install "dfu-programme" via macports for all OSX users as advised in the offical arduino DFU programming [tutoiral]((

For a detailed tutorial refer tor article tutorial



GPL (General Public License). You can distribute modified versions of the source code, but they must also be open source under the GPL. The game assets (graphics, music, etc.) can be redistributed for free, but cannot be resold without our permission.