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A Leaflet plugin for viewing IIIF images. See the demo

Requires Leaflet.js.

Leaflet-IIIF relies on browser support for Promise and Fetch API. If you need to support IE or other browsers without this, please use a polyfill.

Note on Leaflet Compatibility

Leaflet Versions Leaflet-IIIF Versions
< 1.0.0 < 1.0.0
>= 1.0 >= 1.0


Install with NPM

$ npm install leaflet-iiif --save

Quick and easy to get going.

var map ='map', {
  center: [0, 0],
  crs: L.CRS.Simple,
  zoom: 0


Thanks to klokantech/iiifviewer and turban/Leaflet.Zoomify who have similar plugins which were used in development of Leaflet-IIIF.


Leaflet-IIIF extends L.TileLayer and so many options available to L.TileLayer can be used with Leaflet-IIIF.

Option Type Default Description
tileFormat String 'jpg' The format of the returned image.
tileSize Number 256 Tile size (width and height in pixels, assuming tiles are square).
fitBounds Boolean true Automatically center and fit the maps bounds to the added IIIF layer
setMaxBounds Boolean false Constrain the map viewer to the image
quality String 'default' determines whether the image is delivered in color, grayscale or black and white Note: All IIIF servers do not support this parameter.


Clone the repository

$ git clone

Install the dependencies

$ npm install

Run the server

$ npm start

Run the test suite

$ npm test

Access the examples at

Leaflet-IIIF Examples

Leaflet-IIIF in the wild

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