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Stuff on top of Compojure for making sweet web apis.

Latest version

Clojars Project

Latest non-alpha: [metosin/compojure-api "1.1.10"].

See CHANGELOG for details.

For information and help

Read the Version 1.0 Blog Post

Check wiki for documentation

Clojurians slack (join) has a channel #ring-swagger for talk about any libraries using Ring-swagger. You can also ask questions about Compojure-api and Ring-swagger on other channels at Clojurians Slack or at #clojure on Freenode IRC (mention compojure-api or ring-swagger to highlight us).


Hello World

(require '[compojure.api.sweet :refer :all])
(require '[ring.util.http-response :refer :all])

(defapi app
  (GET "/hello" []
    :query-params [name :- String]
    (ok {:message (str "Hello, " name)})))

Api with Schema & Swagger-docs

(require '[schema.core :as s])

(s/defschema Pizza
  {:name s/Str
   (s/optional-key :description) s/Str
   :size (s/enum :L :M :S)
   :origin {:country (s/enum :FI :PO)
            :city s/Str}})

(def app
     {:ui "/api-docs"
      :spec "/swagger.json"
      :data {:info {:title "Sample API"
                    :description "Compojure Api example"}
             :tags [{:name "api", :description "some apis"}]}}}

    (context "/api" []
      :tags ["api"]

      (GET "/plus" []
        :return {:result Long}
        :query-params [x :- Long, y :- Long]
        :summary "adds two numbers together"
        (ok {:result (+ x y)}))

      (POST "/echo" []
        :return Pizza
        :body [pizza Pizza]
        :summary "echoes a Pizza"
        (ok pizza)))))


More samples


To try it yourself, clone this repository and do either:

  1. lein run
  2. lein repl & (go)

Quick start for new project

Clone the examples-repository.

Use a Leiningen template, with or without tests:

lein new compojure-api my-api
lein new compojure-api my-api +midje
lein new compojure-api my-api +clojure-test


Copyright © 2014-2016 Metosin Oy

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.