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Make your Mac utter, now in Swift
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Make your Mac utter, now in Swift (major rewrite of Utter)

Why Make This App (Again)?

I'd had fun making Utter, but ran into some issues that I couldn't solve in its native Objective-C. Also, I wanted to write a modern Swift 3 app. So...I made Utterly.


  • Simple GUI on top of NSSpeechSynthesizer. Enter text, and then either press ⌘-Enter or click the play button to hear it.
  • Stop, pause and resume speech.
  • Change the voice, speed/rate, pitch, pitchmod, or volume of the speech synthesis. Speech updates automatically as options change.
  • Save the speech to an AIFF on your desktop. Use the text itself as the filename, if you wish.
  • A picture of a cow!


Clone the repo and build the Xcode project. It was created in Xcode 8, and was targeted to macOS 10.2, but may work in earlier versions.

Questions, Feedback, Suggestions

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