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A Dropbox-like file manager that let you manage your data anywhere it is located:
FTP β€’ FTPS β€’ SFTP β€’ WebDAV β€’ Git β€’ S3 β€’ LDAP β€’ Mysql
CardDAV β€’ CalDAV β€’ Backblaze B2 β€’ Minio
Dropbox β€’ Google Drive

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  • Manage your files from a browser
  • Full org mode client (documentation)
  • Flexible Share mechanism
  • Video player
  • Video transcoding (mov, mkv, avi, mpeg, and more)
  • Image viewer
  • Image transcoding (raw images from Nikon, Canon, and more)
  • Photo management
  • Audio player
  • Full Text Search
  • Shared links are full fledge network drive
  • Office documents (docx, xlsx and more)
  • User friendly
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customisable
  • Super fast
  • Upload files and folders
  • Multiple cloud providers and protocols, easily extensible
  • Nyan cat loader
  • Quick access: frequently access folders are pin to the homepage
  • Emacs, VIM or Sublime keybindings ;)


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user experience on medias



Support is only available to people who financially contribute to the project either via:

The core idea

Filestash aims to solve the Dropbox problem by abstracting the storage aspect. This makes it possible to bring your own backend or create your own by implementing a simple interface. The power of that model makes it possible for non nerds to easily interact with complex systems without prior training (assuming they are familiar with Dropbox). As an example of that superpower, see our LDAP backend and the Mysql one that emulate a file system where first level folder are the databases, tables are represented as subfolders and each row is represented as a file: