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  • v4.8.0
  • 4ab4d87
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  • v4.8.0
  • 4ab4d87
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@cwhitten cwhitten released this Mar 12, 2020 · 3 commits to master since this release

This is a stable build of the v4 Bot Framework Emulator.


  • [client/main] Added Ngrok Status Viewer in PR 2032
  • [client/main] Changed conversation infrastructure to use Web Sockets to communicate with Web Chat in PR 2034
  • [client/main] Added new telemetry events and properties in PR 2063
  • [client] Added support for talking to remote Direct Line Speech bots in PR 2079
  • [client/main] Added support to restart conversation from any point in PR 2089
  • [client] - Bumped botframework-webchat to v4.8.0 in PR 2094


  • [client] Hid services pane by default in PR 2059
  • [client/main] Moved duplicate redux store code (actions / reducers / helpers) to app/shared package in PR 2060
  • [client] Fixed an issue where trying to add a QnA KB manually after signing into Azure was causing the app to crash in PR 2066
  • [client] Removed buble background on attachments 2067
  • [client] Fixed an issue where the themes menu was empty on Windows & Linux in PR 2069
  • [client] Fixed Web Chat suggestedActionBorder deprecation warning in PR 2070
  • [client] Fixed an issue where pressing enter opens the Azure government website instead of connecting to the bot 2073
  • [build] Changed one-click installer to assisted installer with new graphics. Also updated application icon in PR 2077
  • [build] Locked eslint-plugin-import@2.20.0 to avoid unecessary import linting changes in PR 2081
  • [client] Thrown errors in client-side sagas will now be logged in their entirety to the dev tools console in PR 2087
  • [client] Upload and download attachments bubble texts and background in webchat were hidden. The adjustments have been made to override FileContent class in PR 2088
  • [client] Fixed an issue that was causing adaptive card focus to be blurred when clicking on an activity in PR 2090
  • [client] Fixed an accessibility issue with the recent bots list remove button in PR 2091
  • [client] Copy secret key button now copies the secret key to the clipboar when creating a new bot file in PR 2098
  • [client] Fixed an issue on Windows & Linux where the "Close tab" item was missing in the File menu in PR 2100


  • [client/main] Removed legacy payments code in PR 2058
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