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Milvus -- the world's fastest vector search engine.
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What is Milvus

Milvus is the world's fastest similarity search engine for massive-scale feature vectors. Built with heterogeneous computing architecture for the best cost efficiency. Searches over billion-scale vectors take only milliseconds with minimum computing resources.

For more detailed introduction of Milvus and its architecture, see Milvus overview.

Milvus provides stable Python, Java and C++ APIs.

Keep up-to-date with newest releases and latest updates by reading Milvus release notes.

Get started

See the Milvus install guide for using Docker containers. To install Milvus from source code, see build from source.

To edit Milvus settings, read Milvus configuration.

Try your first Milvus program

Try running a program with Milvus using Python or Java example code.

To use C++ example code, use below command:

 # Run Milvus C++ example
 $ cd [Milvus root path]/core/milvus/bin
 $ ./sdk_simple


Please read our roadmap for upcoming features.

Contribution guidelines

Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please read our contribution guidelines for detailed contribution workflow. This project adheres to the code of conduct of Milvus. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

We use GitHub issues to track issues and bugs. For general questions and public discussions, please join our community.

Join our community

To connect with other users and contributors, welcome to join our Slack channel.


We greatly appreciate the help of the following people.

  • akihoni provided the CN version of README, and found a broken link in the doc.
  • goodhamgupta fixed a filename typo in the bootcamp doc.



Apache License 2.0

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