an easy localhost launcher :)
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an easy localhost launcher :)

It works! is a simple php file (with his small folder dependency) for a cool Directory Listings in your localhost url.


Copy the source ('index.php' and the folder '__sources') in your localhost root directory [set to 777].

How it works:

Inside your project folder create a .json file called 'itworks.json' (view the default file in repo):

{ "desc": "project description", "thumb": 1, "url": "", "hide": false }

  • [desc] = Your project description (string);

        `null = localhost project;`
  • [thumb] = the thumbnail color (number):

        `null = default grey thumb;`
        `1 = yellow thumb;`
        `2 = green thumb;`
        `3 = orange thumb;`
        `4 = blue thumb;`
  • [url] = if project have a custom url set in virtualhost (string):

        `null = folder name;`
  • [hide] = if set on true the project folder not showing in list (true | false):

        `null = false;`

An easy project made by Mirko Saugo @wearezaion