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ASP.NET Core 3.0 Workshop

Documentation and samples for ASP.NET Core 3.0 workshop.

NOTE: Updated to final version of .NET Core 3.0!

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This workshop is intended as a walk-through into .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 3.0 features, creating a new Web API, preparing it for production use and consuming it from client-side Blazor client.

The workshop is partially based on my talk Building production-ready APIs with ASP.NET Core.

It's also inspired by .NET Presentations and workshops created by .NET Core and ASP.NET Core teams. Some content for presentations is borrowed from there, as well as the Power Point presentation templates. Just to be clear - it's not a fork of some existing ASP.NET Core workshop, but a new one, created from scratch. Sample code and instructions for all sessions below are created for this workshop specifically.

Getting started

This repository contains all the instructions and material that you need to follow the workshop by yourself, through a set of sessions / parts. Also, if you are attending the live workshop, but miss a day or two, you should be able to pick it up using the instructions provided.

Alternatively, you can clone this repository to your machine to see the final result.

Make sure you follow the prerequisites document to prepare your environment.


Session Topics
Session #0 Prepare your environment by installing and configuring prerequisites
Session #1 An introduction to .NET Core and ASP.NET Core in form of presentations
Session #2 Working with .NET Core CLI tools and Visual Studio 2019, analyzing project templates
Session #3 Choosing a domain to develop and creating user stories for it
Session #4 REST API introduction, creating Web API project, introduction to Postman and configuring git
Session #5 Creating domain models, EF Core context and migrations
Session #6 Creating view models and controllers, validation, error handling, using Postman
Session #7 Securing API with JWT token based auth
Session #8 Creating unit and integration tests, adding Swagger support
Session #9 Versioning APIs, usage limiting, monitoring and creating health checks
Session #10 Introduction to Blazor and creating client-side Blazor client
Session #99 Resources and further reading


You are welcome to use this workshop material as you see fit. Either by following it yourself, creating a live workshop for your company or your community, or using it as a base for your own version of workshop. Having said that, it would be great if you gave some attribution and let me know how did you use the material :).