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Serverless Charge Backend (AWS Lambda & API Gateway) Quick Start

Assumptions and prerequisites

This quick start guide makes the following assumptions:

  • You are familiar with using AWS Lambda & AWS API Gateway, and have an active AWS account.
  • You have a Square account enabled for payment processing. If you have not enabled payment processing on your account (or you are not sure), visit
  • You are familiar with basic NodeJS development.
  • You have NodeJS installed on your local system.

Before you start

Clone this repo (if you have not already):

Step 1: Run Installation Script

Run npm install in the same directory where you cloned this repo.

Step 2: Run zipFiles Script for Packaging Function

Run npm run zipFiles in the same directory where you cloned this repo.

Step 3: Create function on AWS and Upload to Your Lamdba Function

If you haven't already created a function in AWS, you'll want to navigate to the Lambda section of your AWS account. (

You'll find a create function button in the top right that will allow you to create a new Lambda function. You'll be prompted through a wizard for configuring your function. The only required configuration for this quick start is using Node.js 8.10. You must also select an appropriate IAM profile to associate with your function.

After completing the wizard, you'll have another editor that you can edit the function in. You'll want to select the drop-down titled "Code entry type" and select "Upload a .zip file". Click the "Upload" button that appears and upload the file. Click "Save" found at the top-right. You should now see your function in the AWS editor as it appears in your local editor.

The final step here is to add 2 environment variables. One if for ACCESS_TOKEN which you add your OAuth access_token or your personal access_token. The other environment variable to add is LOC_ID which should be the location ID for which you're processing payments.

Step 4: Add AWS API Gateway as trigger

Next, you'll want to click on AWS API Gateway under "Add triggers". This will allow you to create an HTTP endpoint to POST your nonce to in order to process payments.