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May 18, 2020

Vladimir Agafonkin's projects

A list of open source projects I created, maintain or actively contribute to.

Project Role Description
Leaflet author The number one JavaScript library for interactive maps.
mapbox-gl-js core contributor JavaScript/WebGL vector maps library.
mapbox-gl-native core contributor OpenGL-based vector maps library.
earcut author The fastest and smallest JS polygon triangulation library.
earcut.hpp core contributor C++11 port of Earcut.
rbush author Very fast JS R-tree-based 2D spatial index.
rbush-knn author K-nearest neighbors search plugin for RBush.
kdbush author The fastest 2D static spatial index in JavaScript.
kdbush.hpp author C++11 port of KDBush.
geokdbush author Geographic extension to kdbush for fast kNN queries of locations on Earth.
flatbush author Fast static spatial index for 2D rectangles and points.
geoflatbush author Geographic kNN queries for Flatbush.
concaveman author The fastest concave hull algorithm in JS.
supercluster author Fast geospatial point clustering library.
supercluster.hpp author C++14 port of Supercluster.
dobbyscan author Fast density-based clustering of geographic points.
delaunator author The fastest JS Delaunay triangulation library for 2D points.
delaunator-rs author A port of Delaunator to Rust.
d3-delaunay core contributor Fast Voronoi diagram library for 2D points (based on Delaunator).
delatin author A fast JavaScript 3D terrain mesh generation tool.
MARTINI author A JavaScript library for real-time 3D terrain mesh generation.
icomesh author Fast JavaScript icosphere mesh generation library for WebGL visualizations.
linematch author An ultra-fast algorithm for comparing sets of polylines (e.g. road networks).
lineclip author Fast library for clipping polylines and polygons by a bbox.
pixelmatch author The fastest and smallest pixel-level image comparison library.
simplify-js author Fast JS polyline simplification library.
cheap-ruler author Collection of fast approximations for common geographic measurements.
polylabel author JavaScript library for finding pole of inaccessibility of a polygon (for labeling).
tinyqueue author Small and simple JS priority queue.
flatqueue author A faster variation of a JS priority queue.
potpack author A tiny and fast JavaScript rectangle packing library (for sprite layouts).
tile-cover core contributor Generates the minimum set of tiles that cover a geometry.
which-polygon author Fast index for matching points against a set of polygons (e.g. point in country queries).
quickselect author Fast selection algorithm in JavaScript (Floyd-Rivest).
simple-statistics core contributor JavaScript implementation of descriptive, regression, and inference statistics.
tiny-sdf author JS library for browser-side signed distance field generation from text.
robust-predicates author Fast robust geometric predicates for computational geometry (modern JS port of J. Shewchuk's predicates).
geojson-vt author Very fast tile-based geospatial index for GeoJSON data.
geojson-vt-cpp core contributor C++11 port of GeoJSON-VT.
geobuf maintainer Compact binary encoding for geospatial data.
pbf maintainer Low-level, lightweight protocol buffers encoder/decoder for JS.
tile-reduce Core contributor scalable vector tile geospatial analysis library for Node.
geojson.hpp author C++14 library for converting GeoJSON into geometry.hpp representation.
tile-decorator author JS tool for optimizing vector tiles.
mbtiles-extracts author  Tool for extracting regional subsets of MBTiles files.
webgl-wind author Fully GPU-powered wind simulation using WebGL.
suncalc author Tiny JavaScript library for calculating sun/moon positions and phases.
tinyjam author A radically simple, zero-configuration static site generator.
yeahjs author A tiny, fast, modern EJS templating library.
flamebearer author Blazing fast flame graphs for Node & V8.
simpleheat author Tiny JavaScript library for drawing heatmaps with Canvas.
dead-simple-grid author 250-byte CSS grid framework.
bullshit.js author Bookmarklet to expose bullshit on web pages.
Leaflet.heat author Simple, fast heatmap plugin for Leaflet.
Leaflet.TouchHover author Leaflet plugin for Leaflet hover interactions on mobile.
github-org-browser author Simple tool for browsing public repos of a GitHub organization.
binary-split maintainer Fast splitting Node stream.
cumulative-timer author Simple cumulative timer for benchmarking JavaScript.
magic-string core contributor Tool for generating source maps.
road-orientation-map author A visualization of road orientations on an interactive map.
rollup-plugin-unassert maintainer A Rollup plugin to remove assertion calls via Unassert.
polysnap author Snap rounding a polygon with self-intersections (a work in progress).
bbtrees author Self-balancing binary search tree implementations in JS (unfinished).
polyclip author Martin polygon boolean operations in jS (unfinished).
hain author port of Hain's polygon trapezoidation in JS (unfinished).
seidel author Seidel's polygon triangulation in JS (deprecated).
pbf-split author Splits a Node stream of length-prefixed protocol buffer messages (deprecated).
fanny author Experiments with feedforward neural networks in JS.
suncalc-go author Go port of SunCalc (unfinished).



A list of awesome open source projects Vladimir Agafonkin is involved in.







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