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A standalone library of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android.
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Fix the preprocessor statements controlling the use of mips{32,64}r1 …


Only enable code using mips32/mips64 instructions if the compiler is targetting
this ISA. (integer madd and msub instructions aren't available in the
``canonical'' mips ISAs)
latest commit 2585f10da2
@jasperla jasperla authored
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documentation AAC Decoder: introduce time domain limiter
libAACdec Include the decoder API version in the public header
libAACenc Extend the GetInvInt table to 80 elements
libFDK Fix the preprocessor statements controlling the use of mips{32,64}r1 …
libMpegTPDec Fix checks for {Front,Side,Back}ElementIsCpe
libMpegTPEnc AAC Decoder: support 6.1/7.1 decoded as 5.1
libPCMutils AAC Decoder: introduce time domain limiter
libSBRdec AAC-Decoder: SBR delay for gapless
libSBRenc Avoid casting arbitrary values to an enum
libSYS Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/master'
m4 build: ignore autotools support files, and remove them from the repos…
.gitignore Ignore file `compile` that is generated by autogen Do not include genericStds_linux.cpp.
ChangeLog Update the changelog for the upcoming 0.1.4 release
MODULE_LICENSE_FRAUNHOFER Snapshot 2bda038 Include the new file limiter.cpp in the build
NOTICE Snapshot 2bda038
aac-enc.c Add an encoder example Add an autogen shellscript Bump the package version number to 0.1.4 Include dependency libs (-lm) in the pkg-config file
fdk-aac.sym Export the external symbols via the libtool -export-symbols option
wavreader.c Add support for waveformatex files
wavreader.h Add an encoder example
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