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A standalone library of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android.
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Latest commit 047376a @vriera vriera libFDK/include/mips/cplx_mul.h: use C code instead of ASM
Replace the assembler code by the equivalent in C. This way it will work
for every MIPS ISA. Now the check for __mips_isa_rev < 6 is no longer
necessary, so remove it.

Signed-off-by: Vicente Olivert Riera <>
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documentation AAC Decoder: introduce time domain limiter
libAACdec Include the decoder API version in the public header
libAACenc Extend the GetInvInt table to 80 elements
libFDK libFDK/include/mips/cplx_mul.h: use C code instead of ASM
libMpegTPDec Fix checks for {Front,Side,Back}ElementIsCpe
libMpegTPEnc AAC Decoder: support 6.1/7.1 decoded as 5.1
libPCMutils AAC Decoder: introduce time domain limiter
libSBRdec AAC-Decoder: SBR delay for gapless
libSBRenc Avoid casting arbitrary values to an enum
libSYS Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/master'
m4 build: ignore autotools support files, and remove them from the repos…
.gitignore Ignore file `compile` that is generated by autogen Do not include genericStds_linux.cpp.
ChangeLog Update the changelog for the upcoming 0.1.4 release
MODULE_LICENSE_FRAUNHOFER Snapshot 2bda038 Include the new file limiter.cpp in the build
NOTICE Snapshot 2bda038
aac-enc.c Add an encoder example Add an autogen shellscript Bump the package version number to 0.1.4 Include dependency libs (-lm) in the pkg-config file
fdk-aac.sym Export the external symbols via the libtool -export-symbols option
wavreader.c Add support for waveformatex files
wavreader.h Add an encoder example
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