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What Is This?

z-buffer-game is a survival/strategy game with ascii-art graphics. It is built using Rust language, tcod-rs as UI library and specs as the entity-component system. It is licensed with the free license GNU GPL v3.

Is It Any Fun at All?

Probably, not. At this point the main goal is to practise game development with Rust.

How Can I Help?

You can help by doing the following:

  • Playing the game and providing feedback.
  • Sharing it online to get others to play it too.

At this point there are no gamedev tasks waiting for volunteers.

How to Play?

Currently there are no pre-compiled binaries or packages. See Development Setup for instruction to compile and run locally.


11 August 2019


28 April 2019


Development Setup

  1. Checkout git repository.
  2. Install dev packages required for libtcod:
    sudo apt-get install gcc g++ make libsdl2-dev
  3. Build:
    cargo build
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