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simonsan commented Nov 2, 2019

Right now we give the following information (e.g.):

openage v0.4.0-69-g9412facd
MSVC 19.16.27032.1 [/DWIN32 /D_WINDOWS /W3 /GR /EHsc /MP]
Cython 0.29.14

For future debugging on the user side we could give more information:

  • OpenGL version number
  • nyan-lib version number
  • libc
  • sdl-version
  • Qt-version
  • maybe even opus-codec version

In addition:
jj quote:

IsaiahKelly commented Apr 19, 2017

I really want to contribute to this project, but I'm just starting to learn how to use things like git, Visual Studio and other required tools, so it's a bit overwhelming. Therefore it would be extremely valuable to someone like me if more experienced developers out there could create some absolute beginner text / video tutorials on how to get the Entitas source setup so you can start contributing

anaselmi commented Jun 22, 2018

Readme: Readme needs rewritting and rewording. Multi-stage process and other parts of this issue are completed.
Docstrings: Docstrings need to be reworded, rewritten, reformated, and in some cases, added.
Might also add type hinting to certain methods.
Documentaton: Docs will be based mostly off of docstrings, with light edits dependin on context.

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