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A toolkit for building distributed applications

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  • Documents - Authors create and join documents: mutable key-value stores that multiple users read from, write to, and sync with, subscribing to live updates in real time.
  • Blobs - Iroh works with content-addressed blobs of opaque data, which are often the bytes of a file.
  • Networking - At the core of iroh is the ability to connect any two devices, no matter where they are.


Iroh is a protocol for syncing & moving bytes. Bytes of any size, on any device. At its core, it's a peer-2-peer network built on a magic socket that establishes QUIC connections between peers. Peers request and provide blobs of opaque bytes that are incrementally verified by their BLAKE3 hash during transfer.

Getting Started

Iroh is delivered as a Rust library and a CLI.


Run cargo add iroh, to add iroh to your project.


Check out to get started.

The implementation lives in the iroh-cli crate.



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