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a collection of third party add-ons for advanced custom field plugin for WordPress
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Awesome Advanced Custom Field

a collection of third party add-ons for Advanced Custom Field plugin.

Third-Party Add-Ons

Compatible with Version 5.

  • Address - A field to hold an address: street, city, state, country.
  • Address/Map - A better map field for Advanced Custom Fields (includes address, phone, website, etc).
  • Advanced Taxonomy Selector - allows you to create a field for users to select terms from multiple taxonomies.
  • Auto-generated value - Creates a hidden/readonly field in a repeater that gets a unique key, that won't change once it is saved.
  • Autocomplete Field - Simple field that looks up values previously entered for this field.
  • Animate Parameter - Get Animate Parameter from user.
  • Background - provides a field containing the all background css attribute.
  • Bidirectional Post Relation - Creates an extended version of the Related Post field type that is bidirectional.
  • Code - Code editor field (Ace Code Editor).
  • Coupon - provides a handy read/only field with autogenerated coupon code based on user settings.
  • Column - Arrange ACF fields in columns.
  • Contact Form - create a contact form using an existing Field Group in ACF.
  • Contact Form 7 - Store one or multiple contact forms in an advanced custom field.
  • Country - A country, city and state field.
  • CSS Margin & Padding Settings - set margins, paddings, border width, border color, border radius and border styling. Also you can set the background and text color.
  • Child Post - ability to edit related posts directly from a parent post.
  • Currency - Choose currencies using WP Currencies.
  • Date and Time Picker - allows you to add a Date and Time Picker field type.
  • Divider - An divider field that lets you group multiple fields under an divider.
  • Dynamic Table - Adds a Dynamic Table Field to Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Enhanced Message Field - Adds an enhanced version of the default Message field to accept PHP and certainly no wpauto().
  • Fancy Repeater - An updated user interface for Repeater Field.
  • Field Selector - allows you to select a custom set of fields.
  • Frontend display - display ACF form on frontend your site.
  • Flickr - grant you the ability to include photos, sets and galleries from your Flickr account.
  • Fold Flexible Content - Collapsed flexible content panels and showing icons representing each field type.
  • Font Awesome - allow users to select icon from font awesome.
  • Fontello - A ACF input for Fontello Icon Fonts.
  • fontIconPicker - ACF { fontIconPicker is a Fonts Icons Picker field type.
  • Google Font Selector - allow users to select Google Fonts.
  • Google Map Extended - extending the functionality of the built-in Google Map field with several handy features.
  • Gravity Forms - Creates a select field populated with Gravity Forms.
  • Hue Color Picker - allow users to select a hue color value.
  • Icon Selector - font icon selector field that lets you preview a font icon.
  • Image Crop - Adds an 'Image with user-crop' field type.
  • Image Resize Parameter - Get Image Resize Parameter from user.
  • Instagram - fetches the Instagram API for a single media information based on the provided shortcode.
  • Justified Image Grid - create an elegant and full responsive image grid.
  • Layer Slider - adds a Layer Slider field.
  • Leaflet map - adds a Leaflet map-field.
  • Markdown - a textarea with some extra tools and features that makes writing markdown more fun.
  • Menu Chooser - allows you to select a menu.
  • Nav Menu Field - allowing you to select from the menus you create in the WordPress Admin backend to use on your website's frontend.
  • Ninja Forms - select one or many Ninja Forms.
  • Options Page Adder - Allows easy creation of options pages using Advanced Custom Fields Pro needing to do any PHP coding.
  • Pages by Template - select a page, filtered on pages of a specific template.
  • Pardot Form - embedding Pardot Forms via an ACF dropdown.
  • PayPal - integrate PayPal forms onto your WP site with the use of ACF.
  • Post Type Chooser - Create a select field populated with selected post types.
  • Post Type Selector - Provides the option to select a single or multiple post types.
  • Polylang Fix Relationships - Manage post relationships like attachments or (ACF Relational fields) which are not covered by Polylang plugin.
  • Price - Price Field.
  • QuickEdit - QuickEdit and BulkEdit for Advanced Custom Fields.
  • qTranslate X - Text Area field for qTranslate X.
  • Random String - Generates a random string.
  • reCAPTCHA - Google's No-CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, to be used on frontend forms.
  • Relationship Multisite - Get post, pages and custom post types from another site of your WordPress Multisite installation.
  • Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser - Easier sorting for large repeated fields in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • Repeater Collapser - allowing to collapse / expand ACF repeater fields.
  • Reusable Field Group - allows you to create a group of fields once, and reuse it within any other field group.
  • Reusable Field Group Field - Field groups are rebuilt using local field groups that override existing field groups.
  • Role Selector - allows you to select a user role.
  • RGBA Color - RGBA Color Picker field type.
  • RGBA Color Picker - A simple extension to the Wordpress default color picker to allow for an alpha value.
  • Sidebar Selector - allows you to select a sidebar.
  • Sites - provides a field containing the sites in a multisite network.
  • signature - signature field.
  • Star Rating - A simple star rating field.
  • Sub Field Chooser - Return custom subfield value of a custom repeater field as a select box.
  • Smart Button - A simple, clean and lean acf Field that allows the user to select an internal link as a post_object or an external link as a url field via a smooth toggle.
  • [TablePress] ( - select a TablePress table.
  • [Tag Field] ( - Creates a simple field to add & edit non hieratchical taxonomies, possible to add taxonomies.
  • [Term] ( - Dropdown or multiselect of all available terms.
  • [Timezone] ( - allows you to pick from a list of Time Zones.
  • [Tooltips] ( - hides the instructions, adds a help symbol to the label of the fields and generate a tooltip of the instuction.
  • Tweet - gets a single Tweet Data from the twitter API from the tweet ID.
  • Typography - provides a field containing the all font css attribute with google font support.
  • Validated Field - provides input masking and validation of other field types.
  • Website - add-on for Website URLs, allows for website URL, title and a checkbox to open externally or internally.
  • Widgets - With ACFW, you can easily create new widgets without touching any code.
  • Widget Area - Allows you to pick a widget area to be displayed on a page.
  • Widget Area - selecting a widget area from registered sidebars.
  • WPML ACF Relations - Sets ACF Relations to their translated versions when duplicating a WordPress Post for translation with WPML.
  • YouTube Picker - Search and select videos on YouTube without leaving the page.

Other Awesome Lists

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