Plugin to place the NC State Branding bar at the top of any wordpress site
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Plugin for adding the NC State Branding Bar to the top of your Wordpress
website.  This plugin has been tested in Wordpress 3.x.

Created By
Plugin provided by NC State University Office of Information Technology

Outreach Technology

Installation Instructions

1:  Download the latest release (not actual project code) from the github page
    located at:

2:  Extract folder "ncstate-branding-bar" into your Wordpress plugin
    directory, typically located in /wp-content/plugins.  If your Wordpress
    installation allows plugins to be installed via a zip file, you can do that
    as well by clicking on "Plugins" -> "Add New" -> "Upload" and upload the
    zip file."

    NOTE:  This only works if you download the pre-packaged zip file from
    github.  If you download the source directly, uploading that zip file will
    not work correctly.  Essentially, you need to ensure that the
    /wp-content/plugins/ncstate-branding-bar directory exists and put the
    contents of the download in the folder.

3:  Log into the admin section of your Wordpress site, typically at

4:  Click on "Plugins."

5:  You should have a plugin called "NC State Branding Bar" in your
    plugin list.  Click the "Activate" link under it.

6:  Configuration can be done to the branding bar by visiting the link in the
    "Settings" admin menu.


NC State Branding Guidelines