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Getting started

Move config.yml.sample to config.yml and enter your details

Start sinatra and point your repo's hook to the sinatra ip/port!

What can this do?

  • Add / remove / toggle labels
  • Reassign to a different user
  • Change the milestone
  • (Future) Change the Zenhub pipeline

How to assign a user

To assign a user, simply use = before their username. This will assign it to them. To reference the user without assigning it, use @ like normal. (This creates a link to their github page)

git commit -m "unicorns are awesome. @bossman be advised I'm giving this to =yoshokatana"

How to change milestone

Currently milestones are referenced by their number (rather than a name or slug), so only use this if you know what you're doing.

git commit -m "unicorns are not going to be ready for this release. pushing to ^2"

How to add, remove, and toggle labels


Adding simply uses the plus sign. You can also add labels with spaces in them by quoting them

git commit -m "issue #26 unicorns are awesome +unicorns +'too cool for school'"


Removing labels uses the minus sign (hyphen). You can also use quotes.

git commit -m "#26 unicorns aren't so awesome anymore -unicorns -'too cool for school'"


If you're super lazy (I am!), you can simply use ~ to toggle labels on or off. I wouldn't recommend using this all the time, but it's useful if you have certain labels you use for statuses.

git commit -m "finally finished integrating unicorns into #26 ~resolved"

Mix and match!

git commit -m "this actually +resolved issue #26 to we can add it to the ^1 release, reassigning to =yoshokatana for review."

Future: How to change a pipeline

I'm going to chat with the zenhub people and see if there's a programmatic way to change pipelines. The command will probably look like this. The number after the pipe character references the board's position (e.g. for Icebox, Backlog, Current Sprint, QA, |4 would be QA).

git commit -m "#26 is ready for QA testing |4"