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Awesome Graal Awesome License: CC BY-SA 4.0

CircleCI: Graal JDK8 (Linux) CircleCI | GraalVM Suite JDK8 (Linux) CircleCI
AdoptOpenJDK build farm: Linux Build Status MacOS Build Status Windows Build Status

Graal compiler (JDK8, python 2.7, 3.6 & 3.7): Graal compiler (JDK8) | GraalVM Suite (JDK8, python 2.7, 3.6 & 3.7): GraalVM Suite (JDK8) | Dataiku DSS on GraalVM: Dataiku DSS | Grakn on GraalVM: Grakn | Jupyter-Java on GraalVM: Jupyter-Java | MLPMNist using DL4J on GraalVM: MLPMNist using DL4J on GraalVM | Zeppelin on GraalVM: Zeppelin

A curated list of awesome resources for Graal, GraalVM, Truffle and related topics.

This repo is dedicated to computer engineers/scientists, compiler/VM engineers, developers, open-source enthusiatics, Graal/GraalVM/Truffle fans and all other professions that take interest in these topics. To make learning interesting and to create a place to easily find all the necessary material. Please contribute, watch, star, fork and share the repo with others in your community.

Languages & Platforms

Java & other JVM languages

Python, R, Ruby


Javascript / NodeJS





Third-Party Language Implementations (not officially supported by GraalVM)

Your Platforms, languages and Tools

Your Platforms
Your Languages and Tools

Performance (startup & runtime)

Related JEPs


Github links

See Github links

Mercurial links

Download links

Projects, Wikipedia pages, discussion forums & blog posts


Wikipedia page(s), OpenJDK Wiki, collection of useful links

Discussion forum(s)

Blog posts

See Blog posts

Papers, presentations/slides & videos

See Papers, presentations/slides & videos

Hands-on pages

Special topics (Java, Graal, GPUs, Accelerators, etc...)

See Special topics


Contributions are very welcome, please share back with the wider community (and get credited for it)!

Please have a look at the CONTRIBUTING guidelines, also have a read about our licensing policy.