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An interface to ActionKit and Salesforce
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ActionKit to Salesforce Connector

Important Environment Variables

ActionKit Database Information

AK_DBNAME - ActionKit Database Name AK_DBUSER - ActionKit Database User AK_DBPASS - ActionKit Database Password AK_DBSERVER - ActionKit Database Host (default to

Salesforce Information

SF_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID = Salesforce OAuth 2.0 Client ID SF_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET = Salesforce OAuth 2.0 Client Secret SF_OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI - Salesforce OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI (

S3/Static File Storage Information

AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET - S3 Bucket static files AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - Public ID with access to static file S3 bucket AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - Private ID with access to static file S3 bucket

SMTP/EMail Info

SMTP_HOST - Hostname of SMTP Server SMTP_PORT - Port of SMTP Server (default to 22) SMTP_USETLS - Use TLS (defaults to true) SMTP_USER - Username of SMTP user SMTP_PASSWORD - Password of SMTP user

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