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Builder To Run Source Map Explorer

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Want to run the source-map-explorer with Angular? This builder does it for you with zero configuration.

Setting up this Builder

ng add @ngx-builders/analyze
ng add @ngx-builders/analyze --project={projectName}

NOTE: This version uses npx to install source-map-explorer temporarily if it isn't installed already. If you don't have npx installed, please install it.

We will remove this dependecny in future updates.

That's it. Now, you are good to go

Now whenever you want to analyze your angular project just run a command ng run [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]:analyze and it will run the source-map-explorer.

📦 Options


  • optional
  • Default: false (boolean)
  • Example:
    • ng run [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]:analyze --gzip – Give the stats of gzip bundle.


  • optional
  • Default: false (boolean)
  • Example:
    • ng run [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]:analyze --diffLoading=true – You can change to true if differential loading is enabled.



Contributors ✨

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