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@nhmkdev nhmkdev released this Feb 23, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


If you are mid-project I strongly recommend against upgrading to a new version. If you choose to do so please backup your project before using the new version!

Note: this version is functionally equivalent to v.

  • Updated handling for outlines and opacity.
  • Fixed a old bug related to the properties field and the shape element definition
  • Massive overhaul to the Layout resize functionality... now with undo! (accessible in the project > layout context menu and via Resize button) (kek444/nhmkdev)
  • Zoom level is now persisted per layout and saved in the project file (kek444)
  • Always show selected element (kek444)
  • Updated CSV quote handling "" support(kek444)
  • Options for JavaScript escaping (salmelo)
  • Fixed open functions (recents and open) to prompt if the current project has not been saved
  • Added #switchkey functionality to switch statements so the key can be referenced
  • The opacity of inline elements can be specified with an alpha value on the element color (assuming I am happy with the outcome).
  • Updated project wide export image/pdf to skip layouts with references but no actual entries
  • Removed translation for substrings that results in an error message (now it will just translate to an empty string)
  • Added AddOverrideField to JavaScript definition functionality (Thanks to salmelo - github pull request)
  • Added ability to translate rotated elements within the original and resulting bounds
  • Inline images in FormattedText now default to size 1.0
  • Fixed issue with Local Google Cache
  • Fixed crash related to clearing the Image Cache and FormattedText (hopefully)
  • Added individual export button to the canvas toolbar
  • Added clipboard copy button to the canvas toolbar
  • Added font preview to the font selection dialog.
  • Fixed export issue involving use of the cardcount functionality
  • Added background color for all element types
  • Added zoom helpers (Fit + Fit Horizontal)... will someone need "Fit Vertical" ???
  • Added inline background shape functionality
  • Added inline background graphic functionality
  • Added graphic tiling option ("tile size")
  • Added switch alternative with a different delimiter (customizable!)
  • Fixed problem with random number functionality (text after the replacement was lost!)
  • Fixed issue with justified text (not clear it was even functional...)


  • Uhm probably a few in there.
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