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Web VR Experiments

This is a collection of projects that I developed using mozilla's A-Frame. Most of the functionality is powered by JavaScript. During my time at AltspaceVR, I spent time learning and developing in A-Frame because it was part of the SDK stack that allowed people to publish and display content directly in the AltspaceVR social VR network. These efforts helped play a role in some of the earliest User Generated Content in VR.

Compatability Warning: A-frame will only run on certain browsers:

Radial Menu

Developed a 3D radial menu. The menu is dynamically generated based on the number of entity tags that exist inside of a wrapper class. Was looking for a good way to view a list of content in VR at the time and the radial menu seemed to be a good option.

Radial Menu

JSON Consumption

This was a scene that features elements that are determined by a static block of JSON. The idea was to have the modile consume JSON in the simplest way, so it could be used as a basic building block. JSON Consumption

Sushi Bar

Published a basic 360 scene. I created the environment and props in Maya and brought the items in as a frame entities. Sushi Bar Web VR

TiltBrush Import

Created a drawing in Tiltbrush and imported it into the a-frame scene. This was back when TiltBrush was an experimental app on the vive. TiltBrush Import

The base of this is forked from


npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:3000/

Publishing your scene

To publish scene to GitHub Pages:

npm run deploy

To know which GitHub repo to deploy to, the deploy script first looks at the optional repository key in the package.json file (see npm docs for sample usage). If the repository key is missing, the script falls back to using the local git repo's remote origin URL (you can run the local command git remote -v to see all your remotes; also, you may refer to the GitHub docs for more information).

Local Development

To serve the site from a simple Node development server:

npm start

Then launch the site:


If you wish to serve the site from a different port:

PORT=8000 npm start


This program is free software and is distributed under an MIT License.