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Nitric is a multi-language framework for cloud applications with infrastructure from code.


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About Nitric

Nitric is a multi-language framework, with concise inline infrastructure from code. Modern applications should be robust, productive and a joy to build. Nitric solves common problems building for modern platforms:

We also know abstraction should mean building on existing layers, not hiding them. Nitric includes powerful escape hatches for when things get custom.

Supported Languages

Supported Clouds

These are supported out of the box, but you can also build custom providers as well


Creating an API, a bucket with access permissions and writing files to that bucket via a serverless function.

// JavaScript Example
import { api, bucket } from "@nitric/sdk";

const main = api("main");
const notes = bucket("notes").allow("read", "write");"/notes/:title", async (ctx) => {
  const { title } = ctx.req.params;
  await notes.file(title).write(ctx.req.text());

This is the only code needed to deploy a working application to any cloud provider using nitric up. Nitric can deploy this application using automatically generated Pulumi, Terraform or any other automation tools of your choice.


Nitric has full documentation at, including concepts, reference documentation for various languages and many tutorials/guides.

Get in touch


We greatly appreciate contributions, consider starting with the contributions guide and a chat on Discord or GitHub.