Support for more than 10,000 items and subdirectories #44

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I like big containers and I cannot lie.

davidbanham added some commits Apr 18, 2012
@davidbanham davidbanham Add marker option to getFiles
Add the option to set a marker on a getFiles request in order to be
able to paginate beyond 10000 objects from the Rackspace API.
@davidbanham davidbanham Support subdirectories in containers d431e30

Where are the tests?


I am a dangerous rebel, living on the fringes of society and playing by my own rules. There are no tests.

Seriously though I know there should be, but there aren't. We've been running it in production for 7 months now and it's been fine, so there's a little bit of comfort.


Sorry for the delay here! We've been waiting on all the issues / pull-requests for node-cloudfiles and node-cloudservers until we released pkgcloud: a new cross-provider unified IaaS library for node.js:

We added a deprecation notice for this library, but would you consider reimplementing your pull-request for the Rackspace provider in pkgcloud? It would make you a HERO in my book 👍

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