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MBROLA voices database

This project provides list of MBROLA speech synthesizer voices. It is intended to provide easier collaboration and automatic updates for individual users and packagers.

If you want to use this database look at License, or, if you want to contribute with new voice data, read New MBROLA databases page.

To download data file for particular voice, click on filename you want to download and save it in MBROLA data folder: e.g. C:/Program Files/eSpeak/espeak-ng-data/mbrola for Windows systems, or /usr/share/mbrola/xxN/ for Unix-like systems.

See more at eSpeak NG speech engine documentation.

Filename Language Gender Provider
af1 Afrikaans Male Daan Wissing
ar1 Arabic Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
ar2 Arabic Male Abdel Muez Abukhalaf
br1 Brazillian Portuguese Male Denis R.Costa
br2 Brazillian Portuguese Male Denis R.Costa
br3 Brazillian Portuguese Male Denis R.Costa
br4 Brazillian Portuguese Female Dilson Jose Dos Santos
bz1 Breton Female Jean Pierre Messager
ca1 Canadian French Male Vincent Arnaud
ca2 Canadian French Male Silex Creations Inc.
cn1 Mandarin Chinese Female Liu Ning
cr1 Croatian Male Juraj Bakran
cz1 Czech Female Mikulas Pinos
cz2 Czech Male Mikulas Pinos
de1 German Female Fred Englert
de2 German Male ATIP
de3 German Female ATIP
de4 German Male University of Stuttgart
de5 German Female ATIP
de6 German Male Saarland University
de7 German Female DFKI
de8 German-Bavarian Male Markus Binsteiner
ee1 Estonian Male Meelis Mihkla
en1 British English Male Alan V. Black
es1 Spanish Male Alistair Conkie
es2 Spanish Male TCC Communications Corp.
es3 Spanish Female Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
es4 Spanish Male Universidad de Valladolid
fr1 French Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
fr2 French Female Celine Egea
fr3 French Male Babel Technology
fr4 French Female Babel Technology
fr5 French Belgian Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
fr6 French Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
fr7 French Belgian Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
gr1 Greek Male George Sergiadis
gr2 Greek Male Gerasimos Xydas
hb1 Hebrew Male Yoram Meron
hb2 Hebrew Female Esther Raizen
hn1 Korean Male Kyongsok Gim
hu1 Hungarian Female Eleonora Klein
ic1 Icelandic Male Björn Kristinsson
id1 Indonesian Male Arry Arman
in1 Hindi Male Amin Charaniya
in2 Hindi Female Amin Charaniya
ir1 Iranian Male Alireza Farhadi
it1 Italian Male Claudia Citta
it2 Italian Female Claudia Citta
it3 Italian Male Piero Cosi
it4 Italian Female ITC-irst
jp1 Japanese Male Yoram Meron
jp2 Japanese Female Tomohisa Tachiki
jp3 Japanese Female Yoram Meron
la1 Classical Latin Male Olivier Bianchi
lt1 Lithuanian Male Pijus Kasparaitis & Aleksas Girdenis
lt2 Lithuanian Male Pijus Kasparaitis & Aleksas Girdenis
ma1 Malay Female Kow Weng Onn
mx1 Spanish Mexican Male Oregon Gr.Inst.Sci.Tech.
mx2 Spanish Mexican Male Humberto Pérez Espinosa
nl1 Small Dutch Male Arthur Dirksen
nl2 Dutch Male Arthur Dirksen
nl3 Dutch Female Raymond Veldhuis
nz1 Maori Male Mark R. Laws
pl1 Polish Female PJWSTK
pt1 European Portuguese Female Babel Technology
ro1 Romanian Male Marian Boldea
sw1 Swedish Male Marcus Filipsson
sw2 Swedish Female Adina Svensson
tl1 Telugu Female Kalpana Reddy KVK
tr1 Turkish Male Faculte Polytech. De Mons
tr2 Turkish Female Faculte Polytech. De Mons
us1 American English Female Babel Technology
us2 American English Male Babel Technology
us3 American English Male Mike Macon
vz1 Venezuelan Spanish Male Manuel Rodriguez Hourcadette


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