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Simple tool to use git along with Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive.

With this tool you will be able to sync your repositories with any of the above free cloud spaces. Share these with your collegues.

This is best for a small group of people working on a private project or for freelancers. It is a clever and simple alternative to the paid private git hosting offerings online.

How to install

Download the file

git clone

Currently, the script is in Ruby, but soon will be available in other formats.

How to use

Please use box-git.rb box [--local] [box-type] to initialize the Repo.

Box type can be one of the following:

google   : for enabling use of Google Drive
dropbox  : for enabling use of DropBox
skydrive : for enabling use of Skydrive

In case you want to use a custom path, use it like this:

`box-git.rb box "C:/Users/Custom/Path"`

If no path is type or path is specified, the global parameter is taken.

Using the --local flag will allow you to set up the box for only this repo.

Use box-git.rb push or git push --mirror box to push to repo.