Octgn on Linux

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Warning: this is outdated.

Go here: OCTGN on non Windows systems This page is left for posterity.

Warning this is currently experimental.

With the 3.1.x.x version of octgn its possible to run it on linux using Wine and Winetricks.
The install only takes about 10 minutes if you are a bit familiar with linux.
This page will try to help you through it step by step but some parts might be different for your distro.


Wine 1.5.2x (download here)
Winetricks (comes bundled with wine)

Install process.

Follow the guide on the wine website on how to download the wine 1.5 beta.
Make sure you set it up as a 32 bit prefix.

Once installed open a terminal and type these commands:

winetricks -q vcrun2010
winetricks -q dotnet40

This should setup the required libs needed to run octgn.

Install octgn.

Go to http://www.octgn.net and download the latest version(should be the test build at the moment)
Run the install with wine from the terminal.
When that completes you should be able to start octgn.
If it starts go to options and disable hardware acceleration for a much smoother operation of the program.
And at this point you should be up and running after a restart of octgn to save the settings.


At the moment only games hosted from the server work.
You might have to install a file called gacutil.exe and its config file to the winetricks cache to get .net to work property. I will include this link at a later point.(But google is your friend here).