A utility for table-based automatic generation of code and data types for FAST module interfaces
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FAST Registry for Automatic Code Generation

A utility for generating code for module data types in the FAST Modularization Framework

Authors: John Michalakes and Bonnie Jonkman, NREL

The FAST Registry allows the developer to specify the data types for a module once and in a single location, automating the time consuming and error-prone task of generating the code. The tables in the Registry text input files serve as a data dictionary for improving understandability and maintainability of the code.

The FAST Registry is borrowed from a mechanism that was originally developed at NCAR for the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model software. It has been modified for the FAST Modularization Framework to create ModuleName_Types.f90 files along with any necessary C source code or header files associated with the ModuleName_Types.f90 files.

For more information and syntax, please refer to the NWTC Programmer's Handbook.


To create ModuleName_Types.f90 from data defined in RegistryFile.txt:

c:\> Registry_win32.exe RegistryFile.txt [options] 

To create template ModuleName_Registry.txt file:

c:\> Registry_win32.exe -registry ModuleName ModName 

To create template file for ModuleName.f90:

c:\> Registry_win32.exe -template ModuleName ModName 

Summary of options:

c:\> Registry_win32.exe -h 

----- FAST Registry (v3.01.00, 11-Jan-2016) --------------
Usage: Registry_win32.exe registryfile [options] -or-
          [-force] [-template|-registry] ModuleName ModName
    -h                this summary
    -I <dir>          look for usefrom files in directory "dir"
    -O <dir>          generate types files in directory "dir"
    -noextrap         do not generate ModName_Input_ExtrapInterp or ModName_Output_ExtrapInterp routines
    -D<SYM>           define symbol for conditional evaluation inside registry file
    -ccode            generate additional code for interfacing with C/C++
    -keep             do not delete temporary files from registry program
    -shownodes        output a listing of the nodes in registry's AST
  === alternate usage for generating templates ===
    -template ModuleName ModName
                 Generate a template Module file none exists
    -registry ModuleName ModName
                 Generate a template registry file if none exists
    -force Force generating of template or registry file
  (the / character can be used in place of - when specifying options)