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The Building Information Model server (short: BIMserver) enables you to store and manage the information of a construction (or other building related) project. Data is stored in the open data standard IFC. The BIMserver is not a fileserver, but it uses a model-driven architecture approach. This means that IFC data is stored as objects. You could see BIMserver as an IFC database, with special extra features like model checking, versioning, project structures, merging, etc. The main advantage of this approach is the ability to query, merge and filter the BIM-model and generate IFC output (i.e. files) on the fly.

Thanks to its multi-user support, multiple people can work on their own part of the dataset, while the complete dataset is updated on the fly. Other users can get notifications when the model (or a part of it) is updated.

BIMserver is built for developers. We've got a great wiki on and are very active supporting developers on

(C) Copyright by the contributers /

Licence: GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 (see Beware: this project makes intensive use of several other projects with different licenses. Some plugins and libraries are published under a different license.