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A Gateway based on OpenResty(Nginx + Lua) for API Monitoring and Management.

Install & Usages

Install of Production Environment (Not Support macOS)

1) Install Dependencies

We recommend that you use luarocks to install Orange to reduce problems caused by dependency extensions in different operating system releases.

System dependencies (openresty, resty-cli, luarocks, etc.) necessary to install Orange on different operating systems, See: Install Dependencies Document.

2) Install Lor Framework

Check the official documentation for Lor Framework or execute the following command.

git clone
cd lor
sudo make install

3) Install Orange

curl -Lo
sudo sh

After the installation process is completed, the output message orange 0.8-1 is now installed in /usr/local/orange/deps (license: MIT) indicates that the installation was successful.

4) Import MySQL

Requirements: MySQL Version 5.5+

  • Login to the MySQL client, create an orange database.

  • Import the data table (/usr/local/orange/conf/orange-v0.8.1.sql).

  • Modify the Orange configuration file (/usr/local/orange/conf/orange.conf) MySQL related configuration.

5) Start Orange

sudo orange start

After the Orange launches successfully, the dashboard and API Server are started:

  • Access Dashboard via http://localhost:9999.
  • Access API Server via http://localhost:7777.

At this point, Orange has all been installed and configured, please enjoy it.

Install of Development Environment (Not Support macOS)

1) Dependencies and Lor

Please use the Install Dependencies and Install Lor Framework methods in Install of Production Environment to install.

2) Install Orange

git clone
cd orange
sudo make dev

After the installation process is completed, the output message Stopping after installing dependencies for orange-master 1.0-0 indicates that the installation was successful.

3) Import MySQL

Please use the Import MySQL methods in Install of Production Environment to import.

Note: Install Orange in Development Environment.

  • The MySQL Data Table file and the Orange Config file are located in the conf folder of the current project.

  • Import the data table (/usr/local/orange/conf/orange-master.sql).

4) Start Orange

sudo ./bin/orange start

Access method after the successful startup of Orange, please refer to: Start Orange in Install of Production Environment.


CLI tools

orange help to check usages:

Usage: orange COMMAND [OPTIONS]

The commands are:

start   Start the Orange Gateway
stop    Stop current Orange
reload  Reload the config of Orange
restart Restart Orange
store   Init/Update/Backup Orange store
version Show the version of Orange
help    Show help tips


Find more about Orange on its website. There is only a Chinese version for now.

Docker maintained by @syhily


See also

The plugin architecture is highly inspired by Kong.