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One of the great things about ownCloud is that it’s cross-platform, and more and more apps support it. Much of this is achieved through being open source and using open standards or defining open APIs.

There are many apps available for the web interface to be installed with only some clicks in Apps Management page in your ownCloud instance or on ownCloud App Store. The following apps are the other apps utilizable with ownCloud.

Find ownCloud apps for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox OS, Firefox and BlackBerry

Integration efforts

External apps to integrate with

We should enable other apps (web and desktop) to sync with ownCloud. It’s best to integrate with existing widely used apps because they most likely are actively developed, and people are not forced to use a dedicated ownCloud app.

Proprietary apps

While we love and prefer open source, it’s also important to connect to the existing apps people use. That enables them to use a cool app while still being in control of their data:

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