Oku Player is a cross-browser timedtext player that can be used for developing "read along" applications.
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Oku Player

Cross-browser timedtext player for creating 'Read along' books


This project is a personal attempt to explore new ways of reading by the use of synchronized audio.

Although there are already a multitude of Read along/Read aloud applications, in most of them the user interface is more distracting than engaging (e.g. Amazon's Immersion Reading). Oku Player, on the other hand, aims to offer an intuitive and non-intrusive interface that let's the user decide how much to intervene and when to switch between reading, listening and reading and listening.

Differences from similar applications include:

  • Instead of the usual reflowable text it features a hybrid of paged view and scrollable text. That is, the user sees a paged view unless he/she scrolls. Scrolling behaviour is the same as in any web page and the transition from paged view is seamless.
  • A nuisance with similar applications is the partial fragments at the end of the pages. This leads to a poor user experience. In contrast, Oku Player's paged view leaves the half-fragments for the next page.


In order to function, Oku Player needs the paths for three resources:

  • Audio file(s) which must be in a format that is supported by your target browser(s)
  • A syncmap file in json format that has the timestamps for each fragment, see aeneas docs.
  • An XHTML file in which the text is split into fragment elements that are marked by the class name "fragm".

The paths to those files should be included in a configuration object, optionally with additional settings and metadata:

	var okuConfig = {
			"book":"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer",
			"author":"Mark Twain",
			"chapter":"Chapter 29",
			"info":"Read by Piotr Nater for LibriVox",

var okuPlayerInstance = new OkuPlayer(okuConfig);

In addition it is possible to add event listeners for timedtext load, fragment end, page end and timedtext end:

okuPlayerInstance.on("pageended", "pageturnEffect");

Visit readiance.org to see working examples.


  • Because of the same-origin policy the XHTML and JSON files should be hosted on the same domain as the timedtext player unless the target host allows CORS.
  • Some browsers such as Google Chrome do not allow XHR for local files.